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Questions & Answers

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Our research revealed that New York City stores are overcharging for low-quality hoodies. Our mission is to deliver the softest, most stylish New York hoodies right to your rental at unbeatable prices. Experience Times Square and the city in style and comfort with our quality hoodies. Remember your time in New York forever!

What do other people say?

Lucas Yancey – Bali, Indonesia
Just do it!
Dorsa Kay – Hollywood, California
My husband has a simple taste and I have no time to shop on vacation while watching my 3 kids, So to get for him fashionable hoodies for $25.99 is awesome!. I bought 5 hoodies and the customer service was exceptional.
Meir T - Tel Aviv
I was shocked when I received the hoodie because the quality was so amazing for the price! The inside of the hoodie is soft and comfortable.
Sydney Suss- Austin, Texas
Most hoodies in New York cost around $40 and I got one here for $25.99. The service was amazing and they delivered right to my Airbnb.
Marta Corwin – Los Angeles, California
Every time I go on a trip, I need to buy gifts for friends and family. By buying chic hoodies from Liga Gifts that are wrapped as a present for $25.99 each, I saved my time and money. Very comfortable process. Super soft fabric.
Washington Junior – Brazil
When I go on a vacation, every minute is important for me to experience the city and share my pictures on Facebook. By buying from Liga Gifts I got the softness hoodie EVER @ the best price, delivered to my hotel in Times Square.
Kai Brayer - Norway
The hoodie was delivered to my hotel for $25.99. Quality is unbelievable!! for this price which is why I’m taking the time to leave a review. Highly recommended when visiting Manhattan @NYC.
David Lavi - Portugal
I went to New York for only three days for my first stop in the US. I didn’t have time to go to souvenir shops in town. I decided to order online and they delivered two hoodies to my hotel room. I saved so much time!